Win Electrolux Merchandise with AJ Madison on Facebook

electrolux Win Electrolux Merchandise with AJ Madison on FacebookThough we recently gave away Electrolux merchandise on our Twitter (still ongoing), we at AJ Madison decided to make things a tad more interesting and accessible. For those of you with a Facebook, we’re giving away the same Electrolux merchandise on the AJ Madison Facebook Page.

We have two huge boxes worth of Electrolux memorabilia just waiting to be sent to you, the AJ Madison community, and aren’t set to run out any time soon. All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Visit the AJ Madison page on Facebook and “LIKE” us.
  2. Visit the “Wall” tab and look for the latest question posted by us. It’ll be near the top of the wall.
  3. Give us your answer.
  4. When prompted, send your Name and address to media@ajmadison (with your Facebook Name in the subject header)
  5. Receive free stuff!

It’s that simple. The giveaway is subject to the same minor terms and conditions as our Twitter giveaway, so visit this post for details. Keep reading the Appliance Authority blog for more chances to save and win with AJ Madison.

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