Top Rated Appliance: Summit Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Q: Which appliance is essential to a modern-day kitchen?

A: The refrigerator, of course!

Without the refrigerator, you’d have no place to store your vegetables, meat and more for use with the rest of your kitchen appliances. This, my friends, is a given. The real question is: How big of a refrigerator do you actually need?

If you said, under your breath, “Not all that big” (or in your head; mind you, you are reading an article and anything more than muttering would be generally frowned upon), do we have the refrigerator for you! This week’s top-rated appliance is a Summit Top-Freezer refrigerator with a total capacity of 9.4 cubic feet, roughly 1/2 the amount found in normal top-freezer refrigerators, but still holds enough fresh/frozen food and beverages for an apartment or smaller living area. It also gained a 5 (out of 5) star rating on the AJ Madison site, so let’s see what the AJ Madison community had to say about this refrigerator:

  • Compact – Being both freestanding and smaller than average, this refrigerator can fit in practically any kitchen space: According to the Customer: “Fits in a space we were unable to find a frostfree unit that would fit in this space.”
  • Best Value – With 5% off today only and a total cost under $500, what else could you want from a refrigerator this rich in value (but low in cost)? According to the Customer: “Best value for the $”
  • Great Service – Hey, we’re allowed to boast every once in a while, right? Customers loved our service, from the first glimpse of our page or the first word uttered over the phone, to the delivery truck driving away. It’s no wonder people choose AJ Madison for their appliances. According to the Customer: “Great service delivery. The price was very reasonable & the product is excellent.I would do business again with AJ Madison.”

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