Top Rated Appliance: Frigidaire Pro-Style Gas Range

Frigidaire Professional Series home appliances certainly live up to their name. This week’s top rated appliance received a five (out of five) star rating from nine different satisfied AJ Madison customers, and we know why. Was it the five powerful gas burners on top, the 3.7 cubic foot oven below, or one of the numerous helpful features included on this device? Let’s see what the AJ Madison community had to say:

  • High Quality, Low Cost – Yes, you’re purchasing a stainless steel appliances and yes, it is of professional-style quality, but it doesn’t cost nearly as much as similar ranges in its class. According to the Customer: It has a great updated look without spending a great deal of money.
    I am glad I ordered it.”
  • Excellent Service No matter what appliance you buy, from a vacuum cleaner to an entire kitchen set, you always get the same great level of service that AJ Madison is famous for. According to the Customer: “The stove arrived in prime conditioin, no dings or anything wrong with it. I love it!! Great baking pies, no burnt edges!!. AJ Madison site was easy to work with and I am thoroughly pleased!”
  • Easy to Use – This range is exceedingly easy to operate, clean and maintain, leaving you with more time to things that matter and less time in the kitchen. According to the Customer: “I have really enjoyed the ease of everything with this stove. Easy cleaning, easy to use, easy to set up. No pilot light, sealed burners for easy cleaning.”

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