AJ Travels: Visiting the Viking Showroom

Each week, we normally feature a new product from our showroom on the AJ Madison Flickr Page. Last week, however, we changed things up a bit by visiting the Carl Schaedel showroom in Fairfield, New Jersey. Though the overall theme of the visit focused on all things Viking (we were in the vicinity of a Viking Cooking School, after all), we did manage to sneak a peek at a few more brands during our visit. Read on for a brief recap of this informative visit, as well as links to the multitude of images captured on location. Continue reading AJ Travels: Visiting the Viking Showroom

AJ Travels: Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom

Recently, the AJ Madison team took a trip to the Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom in Roslyn Heights, Long Island. Every week, we have a special training session with a different appliance brand or manufacturer, who usually come to our showroom and inform us on the latest and greatest products (all sold on the AJ Madison website, of course). This week was different, for we went to the manufacturer, which was a nice change of pace.

Over the course of two hours, we examined new and exciting Sub-Zero and Wolf products and sampled delicacies prepared on Wolf products by the in-house chef/appliance expert. I saw everything from beautiful stainless 36″ ranges to custom-paneled built-in refrigerators with capacities larger than I imagined. It was quite a sight to see, and I’ll post images from our visit later on this week.

Though we carry a great number of products from Sub-Zero and Wolf in our Brooklyn showroom, Sub-Zero and Wolf Showrooms are an excellent places to visit. If you happen to be in Roslyn Heights, Manhattan or other Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom locations, I highly suggest you visit and tell them AJ Madison sent you.

For more information on the Roslyn Heights Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom, click here.