Save up to $2,500 on a Sub Zero/Wolf Kitchen

As previously discussed, Sub Zero and Wolf currently offer up to $2,500 off a kitchen package. Though this offer has existed for a couple of weeks now, we recently added a special section detailing the offer on the AJ Madison site.

Visit here to request a quote, see product availability and details of the rebate. Be sure to check out our Sub-Zero and Wolf product pages, and see our previous blog post for all promotion details. This deal ends in September, so avoid putting off your home renovations and order the kitchen of your dreams today.

Sub-Zero/Wolf Dream Kitchen, Save up to $2,500

It’s no question that Sub-Zero and Wolf are the top of the line brands for refrigerators and cooking appliances. Sub-Zero/Wolf have introduced a new package deal to help you, the customer, save up to $2,500 on remodeling your kitchen with the best appliances.

If you purchase a Sub-Zero built in, integrated or Pro 48″ refrigerator as well as any range OR a wall oven and a 30″-36″ cooktop, you instantly save $1,000. For each additional product you buy on top of this, you save an extra $250 (limited to six additional products). For instance, if you buy a built in refrigerator, a 36″ gas range, a microwave and Wolf Electric Steamer, you save $1,500. The more you buy, the more you save (though 600 series and Wolf microwave products do not apply to this promotion). Mind you, this is all instant savings, so there’s no red tape to prevent you from getting the most out of your appliances and your purchase.

This deal ends in September, so you have plenty of time to prime your kitchen cabinets and furnishings before you get to installing a nice Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator and Wolf cooktop. For more details on this deal, go to Sub-Zero’s microsite.

How To: Use a Wolf Steamer

Wolf IS15S

This week, as part of our ongoing “How To” series, we bring you the Wolf 15″ electric steamer (IS15S). Ever wanted to perfectly steam vegetables without using a series of pots, bags and poorly-constructed contraptions? This appliance guarantees the best steamed or poached  food you’ll have outside of a restaurant.

Since using a steamer is significantly different from using other cooking appliances, we’re pleased to have had Chef Teitelbaum of Sub-Zero/Wolf explain how to use the Wolf Integrated Steamer. Below are two videos taken yesterday in a beautiful Brooklyn kitchen. You can also find images from the event on our Flickr Photostream.

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AJ Travels: Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom

Recently, the AJ Madison team took a trip to the Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom in Roslyn Heights, Long Island. Every week, we have a special training session with a different appliance brand or manufacturer, who usually come to our showroom and inform us on the latest and greatest products (all sold on the AJ Madison website, of course). This week was different, for we went to the manufacturer, which was a nice change of pace.

Over the course of two hours, we examined new and exciting Sub-Zero and Wolf products and sampled delicacies prepared on Wolf products by the in-house chef/appliance expert. I saw everything from beautiful stainless 36″ ranges to custom-paneled built-in refrigerators with capacities larger than I imagined. It was quite a sight to see, and I’ll post images from our visit later on this week.

Though we carry a great number of products from Sub-Zero and Wolf in our Brooklyn showroom, Sub-Zero and Wolf Showrooms are an excellent places to visit. If you happen to be in Roslyn Heights, Manhattan or other Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom locations, I highly suggest you visit and tell them AJ Madison sent you.

For more information on the Roslyn Heights Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom, click here.