Top Freezer Refrigerators: Popular For A Good Reason

Among the different refrigerator models available today, top freezer refrigerators remain the most popular option for many homeowners. With their convenient design, price, and reliability, it is easy to understand why.

Top freezer models usually feature separate doors for the freezer and the refrigerator compartments. With the freezer on top, often-accessed items can be reached even by children, making this type of refrigerator perfect for families with kids. Top freezer refrigerator models are generally more affordable, and can serve families for more than a decade with proper care and maintenance.

Homeowners in the market for top freezer refrigerators can find the perfect refrigerators for their needs at AJ Madison. The company is home to the world’s leading appliance brands, including Whirlpool, General Electric and Frigidaire.

An accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 2003, AJ Madison has provided homeowners with the widest selection of major appliances for more than 10 years.

Things To Consider When Buying Refrigerators

Refrigerators are a staple in many homes. However, buying one can be expensive, so it is important to choose carefully when making a purchase.

Homeowners should pick a refrigerator that best suits their lifestyle and budget. For instance, recently married couples will most likely need a smaller storage capacity of a 6 to 14 cu. ft. refrigerator. Larger families, on the other hand, will need refrigerators that offer more spacious compartments.

Another option to consider is the type of refrigerator to buy. A top-freezer refrigerator is generally a more affordable and convenient choice, but bottom-freezer and side by side models can make up for the difference in cost with their superb functionality and design. Most modern refrigerator models are available in a variety of colors and finishes, which makes it easier to find a refrigerator to suit a home’s existing interior design.

AJ Madison offers a wide selection of refrigerators from the most popular brands, including Frigidaire, General Electric, Electrolux, Sub-Zero, and many others.

Top Rated Appliance: LG French Door Refrigerator


This week’s top rated appliance not only has the highest rating in its class, but currently fits into our big Spend More, Save More promotion (valid until today’s end). Our customer’s loved this LG French Door Refrigerator, awarding it 5 out of 5 stars, and now it’s time for us to help you share their experience at a low cost. Before we examine the savings, let’s see what made this LG home appliance stand out to our customers:

  1. Easy to Use – Seeing as this is a freestanding refrigerator, there’s no gutting of your cabinets or crazy installation necessary. The controls inside of the refrigerator allow you to change the temperature or any settings in a split second. According to the Customer: Easy set up. Easy to use temperature adjustment for freezer and refrigerator. Good interior design”
  2. Exceptional Visibility- Plenty of trays and drawers enable you to see exactly what’s in your fridge at all times (no dark spots or translucent shelving), with brilliant lighting in the refrigerator and freezer cabinets. According to the Customer: “I love that I can see everything in my frig. Another thing I realized, the tops of the crispers are clear so you can see what is in there without opening them.”
  3. Outstanding Service – Our customers loved our speedy delivery and white glove/curbside service. AJ Madison gets your appliance to you as quickly and carefully as possible. According to the Customer: “The refrigerator arrived in good condition on time, and the price was the best I could find, even beat the 2 Big Box stores, free shipping was great too! AJ Madison was very professional and their shipping company was on time!”

Right now, save up 10% off this refrigerator, plus an additional $100 off with mail-in rebate. You’ll only find this deal at AJ Madison, but hurry before it ends.

Green For Green: 10% Off Electrolux Kitchen & Laundry Collections

If you’re in the market for a new energy-efficient home appliance or kitchen set, you’re in luck. Right now, only on AJ Madison, we’re marking down select Electrolux kitchen and laundry appliances by 10%.

Choose from the latest in Electrolux ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers and more to complement your home or kitchen remodel. The best part about the sale is that all eligible refrigerators, washers and dishwashers  are Energy Star qualified. If you’re going to take advantage of your state’s Cash For Appliances program (New York state still has more than $3 million in funding available), now’s the perfect time.

This offer ends Sunday, April 25, so you have less than two weeks to shop and save. If you buy now, you can also take advantage of Free Delivery on orders $1,999 and up. In short, you’ll be saving on appliances, energy costs and delivery, now only at AJ Madison, your appliance authority.

Your Helpful Home Hints: An Introduction

Thank you for making AJ Madison your appliance authority. Though we’re the leading experts on appliances and anything pertaining to, we thrive on input from our community and customers. That’s why we’re starting a new semi-regular feature on our blog, appropriately titled “Your Helpful Home Hints.”

Every so often on the Appliance Authority blog, we’ll feature a few tips from you, the reader (giving proper credit, of course). Though eventually we’ll broaden our topics, we need your help right now! In the comments below, or in an email (to, give us any or all appliance and cooking-related tips you can think of. Family baking secrets you’re willing to spill. Something you picked up in culinary school. Tips the repairman told you. If you send us ANYTHING related to kitchen or home appliance use and ease, we’ll most certainly feature it as part of this recurring series.

To start, let me share a few tips I’ve picked up since working here at AJ Madison.

-Have a scratch on a Teflon pan? Throw it out. If you keep it, the material will slowly peel away and seep into your food. Avoid scratches by cleaning with soft cloths or sponges (no steel wool or anything of the sort).

-Own a range hood? Turn it on! A great number of hood owners neglect to use it. For best results, turn the hood on 10 minutes before using the stovetop.

-Want to install a refrigerator with an ice maker or water dispenser? Make sure you have a water line hooked up beforehand (a lot of people forget about this). Contact your plumber for installation or inspection if you don’t already have one.

Again, please share with us your tips, and we look forward to bringing you more tips from our community and AJ Madison, your appliance authority.

New Appliances in the Showroom: AJ Madison on Flickr

Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Digital Controls

At AJ Madison, we’re constantly adding the latest home appliances to our showroom. If you live in Brooklyn or parts around, then you have the advantage of driving or taking the F/G train out to the AJ Madison showroom.

However, some of you may not within a reasonable travel distance. With that in mind, we’ve decided to bring the showroom to you with our weekly “New in the Showroom” updates on Twitter and Flickr. This week, we featured a brand new Electrolux built-in French door refrigerator, complete with all sorts of extras like a Perfect Temperature Drawer and advanced electronic controls. For more details on this new addition and older showroom photos, visit our Flickr feed here. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates straight from our showroom and your appliance authority.

Save up to $2,500 on a Sub Zero/Wolf Kitchen

As previously discussed, Sub Zero and Wolf currently offer up to $2,500 off a kitchen package. Though this offer has existed for a couple of weeks now, we recently added a special section detailing the offer on the AJ Madison site.

Visit here to request a quote, see product availability and details of the rebate. Be sure to check out our Sub-Zero and Wolf product pages, and see our previous blog post for all promotion details. This deal ends in September, so avoid putting off your home renovations and order the kitchen of your dreams today.