Top Rated Appliances: Danby Compact Refrigerator

This week’s top-rated appliance comes from Danby, a premiere North American appliance manufacturer in the business for over 60 years. This stainless steel-paneled compact refrigerator comes standard with 3 glass shelves, auto defrost and a wine rack that holds 5 bottles (!), all contained within a 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator casing. With these features and more, it’s no wonder it achieved a 4.4 star rating on the AJ Madison site. Let’s see what our happy customers had to say about this device:

  • Well Rounded Refrigerator - Though it doesn’t contain a freezer compartment, this refrigerator works wonders in terms of preserving fresh food (and a lot of it for such a small compartment). According to the Customer: I can’t say enough good things about this unit. This was exactly what I needed to finish off my home bar area.”
  • Quiet and Spacious – You’d be surprised what you can fit within a 4.4 cubic foot interior, not to mention how you’ll forget the appliance is even present and powered on due to its near-silence. According to the Customer: “Super Quiet and tons of room… This is the best bang for the buck…”
  • Low Cost – This refrigerator retails on the AJ Madison site (as part of our Spend More, Save More promotion), for just over $200. That’s a fraction of the cost of other retailers, making this perfect for the outdoors or a dorm room. According to the Customer: “Bought this fridge 6 years ago for an outdoor grill area and never had any problems at all so bought again for our new house. Not worth spending more at all for other “name” brand fridge of same size that costs 4x as much”

Top Rated Product: Danby All-Refrigerator

Danby Designer Series DAR1102WE

If you’re in the market for a refrigerator and only a refrigerator, this Danby freestanding all-refrigerator is an affordable option. Complete with 11 cu. ft. of space, adjustable glass shelves and a can rack (to name a few features), this refrigerator is a simple solution for all of your fresh food storage needs. It also has a 5 -star user rating on our site, meaning that this refrigerator is loved by all customers who welcome it into their kitchen. Let’s take a closer look as to why this appliance was spoken about with such high regard:

1 – Great Size - 11 cu. ft. is a practical amount of space for food storage, and the exterior dimensions make placement of the refrigerator easy. According to the Customer: “Very spacious good looking refrigerator. Great for small areas where you don’t need a freezer.”

2 – Energy Star Rated - This all-refrigerator is Energy Star rated, which means it’ll help conserve energy (reducing your carbon footprint) and save you money in the process. According to the Customer: “This appliance uses very little electricity as it is Energy Star rated at $33 per year.”

3 – Interior Features - According to the Customer: “One of the nicest features is that it has a crisper drawer, and the shelves are glass, so things don’t fall over.”