Have a Cookie, Just Make Sure You Don’t Eat the Whole Box

The Snackwell’s Effect and Energy-Efficient Home Appliances

snackwells_fEver heard of the Snackwell’s effect? The logic goes that when faced with a “healthy” cookie alternative like Snackwell’s, snackers tend to overindulge and eat more calories than if they munched on regular cookies. An article in Consumer Reports relates the Snackwell’s Effect to home appliance usage. A 2008 study by University of Michigan economist Lucas David showed that those who owned energy-efficient washing machines did more loads of laundry than those who had traditional washers. The article offers tips on how to maximize usage of your energy-efficient appliances. For instance, front-loaders, as opposed to top-loaders, can provide a $130 annual savings since they use 50 percent less water and energy.

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Cool Picks

AJ Madison Has the Top Consumer Reports-Rated Window Air Conditioner Units

Consumer Reports just released their latest Window Air Conditioner ratings, and AJ Madison has the best models that combine affordable price with powerful performance. With just a couple computer keystrokes, you can meet all you cooling needs for this summer.

A) Small (5,000-6,000 BTU)

Friedrich CP10E10
Friedrich CP10E10

  • Friedrich CP06E10: 6,000 BTU with 3 Cooling Speeds and MoneySaver Settings, 216 sq. ft. cooling area, 10.7 EER, Electronic Controls and LCD Remote that allows programming of on and off times.

What shoppers say: “We bought two of these ACs, and they definitely cool down the room quickly for 6,000 BTU.”