Holiday Greetings …with Hot Chocolate & Sugar Cookies!

There’s something undeniably heart warming about the holidays. Maybe you walk the long way home to enjoy the holiday decorations and lights. Maybe you make snow angels with your loved ones, or even have a good ol’ fashioned snow ball fight. It drives us to do wonderfully silly, fun, and downright goofy things that we normally wouldn’t take the time to do …and it’s wonderfully liberating, isn’t it?

The best part of all is when you have had heaps of fun, and are good and worn out. Chilled to the bone, you head into the warm house in need of a hot drink and bite to eat. You need to get warm, get cozy, and do it quick. What’s better than hot chocolate?

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Never Tasted So Good

Thanksgiving is over. The turkey was delicious, crispy skin and juicy meat complimented with tart cranberry sauce. The potatoes whipped to perfection, dressed with thick giblet gravy. The yams were so sweet, so good, their taste still lingers on the palate. Let’s not even get started on what a treat the pumpkin pie was…

Now that the holiday is over, everyone has said their good-byes and headed home, but you have a fridge full of leftovers. Never fails, does it? No one is really interested in eating turkey straight off the bird anymore, and plain mashed potatoes are… well, plain. So the challenge is how to get your family to eat all this food you slaved over yet again!

With that in mind, I’m excited to share two of my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers that my family absolutely loves!  

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The Perfect Turkey

It’s that time of year again! The leaves have almost all fallen and are crunching underfoot in vibrant shades of red and gold. The days are shorter, the air crisp, cold with bright blue skies and frost on the grass in the early morning.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so turkey is inevitably on the brain these days. With that in mind, I have the perfect recipe to help us reflect on friends, family and life in general, as well as show some gratitude for the goodness and kindness therein. It’s such a fun time for coming together to reconnect with the ones we love and share some home cooked delicacies that are typcially only enjoyed on this one special day each year.

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3 Hearty Recipes That Won’t Break The Bank

It’s getting chilly out there! With colder weather, meals that stick to your ribs become great everyday fare. Meals that are baked, roasted or slow-cooked, with hearty cuts of meats, poultry and loads of root vegetables and grains are on the top of the list. These foods tend to be less expensive; cheaper cuts of meat such as ground beef, stew meat, whole poultry, and poultry parts as well as all types of potatoes and vegetables play leading roles. Foods cooked by these methods are packed with tons of nutrients and a natural goodness that is brought out in the cooking process. In addition, it’s more fuel/energy efficient which not only benefits the environment but also your bank account.

What I like most about baking and slow cooking is that recipes can easily be tailored to a person’s preference. You can add spices and herbs as you see fit… and best of all, you aren’t chained to the oven! Here are a few of my favorite recipes. The amounts are approximate, and the ingredients are easily substituted to fit most tastes. Use more or less of ingredients and spices/herbs for your personal needs.




2lbs ground beef

6-7 extra large eggs

1 cup of bread crumbs plus a bit extra (I prefer flavored)

¾ jar of marinara sauce (I prefer Buitoni) plus 1 jar

Salt (about 2 shakes of a canister)

Garlic powder (about 3 good shakes of canister)

Black pepper (about 1-2 good shakes of canister)

Onion powder (about 3 good shakes of canister-may add 1 med onion if preferred)


Mix all the ingredients together, except the extra jar of marinara sauce. The mixture should stay together easily, if not add more bread crumbs. Separate mixture into two 9’’ x 13’’ pans equally and form into loaves, making sure there are no cracks. Take extra jar of marinara sauce, and spoon over both meatloaves until covered (about half-jar per meatloaf) Bake at 375° F for about 1 ½ hours, or until knife stuck in center comes out clean and very hot.

Roasted Whole Chicken w/ Potatoes & Carrots


1 whole chicken, approx 3lbs, cleaned of innards

3-4 Idaho potatoes, cut into small chunks

2-3 carrots, cut into strips

1 med. onion, cut into halves then sliced, don’t separate slivers

Salt (a few pinches)

Parsley (good few shakes of canister)

Garlic powder (a shake or three)

Black pepper, as desired


Lay the potatoes down in a 9’’ x 13’’ pan, covering the bottom completely. Lay chicken on top of layer in middle of pan, and place carrot strips and onions inside chicken cavity. Season with salt, parsley, garlic powder and pepper (if desired). Bake at 375° F uncovered for about 45 minutes, or until you are able to poke the chicken thigh with a sharp knife and the juices run clear.

Chicken Soup


1 whole chicken about 3lbs or 1pk chicken bottom (leg & thigh) with skin removed

1 large onion, diced

3-4 Idaho potatoes, cubed

2 stalks celery, chopped

3 carrots cut into half-circles

1 small parsnip, cut into small pieces

Splash of oil to sauté vegetables

Water to cover chicken and vegetables

 Salt and pepper to taste

Parsley (few firm shakes)


In a 8-10 Qt pot, add small amount of oil. Once hot, add vegetables and sauté for a minute or two. Add chicken, water and seasonings, bring to a simmer. Let cook for at least 2 hours, checking once or twice midway to stir. Soup is done when chicken is completely cooked (poke thigh with knife, no red should be seen at all), vegetables are tender and broth is a nice golden color.

These three recpies represent some of our family favorites for this time of year. I hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we do! -Sarah K.

Blog entry & recipes courtesy of AJ Madison resident chef Sarah Klinkowitz.  

Buy Green, Save Green! High Efficiency Appliance Rebates

As of just recently, there are numerous rebates available for purchasing highly energy efficient appliances. Subisidized by state governments, these rebates are fantastic incentives to start thinking green when it comes to your home appliances. Not only will you save energy and our enviromment but you can save some cash as well!


In New York, our program is sponsored by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority). The NYS program is pretty simple: purchase a new CEE Tier 2 or 3 refrigerator or clothes washer and receive a rebate of up to $350. After you make your purchase, just fill out the application and submit your receipt. For complete details visit the Buy Green, Save Green website. Demand is high for these rebates and resources are tight so make sure you act swiftly if you want to take advantage before it’s too late.

For those of you who already bought and applied for your rebate, but want to return, exchange or cancel your order please note the follow information from NYSERDA:

If you purchased an eligible BGSG refrigerator or clothes washer and then canceled the purchase or returned the product for a refund, it is essential that you also turn in the original purchase receipt. Without the purchase receipt you will not be eligible for the full return.

Consumers in other states should check with their local and state government agencies to see if there are similar programs in your area.

Even if there are no monetary incentives available for purchasing energy efficient appliances, it’s still important to consider them for your next appliance purchase. Of course it’s a great move for those that are energy and environentally conscious. But more importantly, lower energy usage equates to lower energy costs, which means it’s ideal for those that are budget conscious as well. To research qualifying energy efficient appliances visit our Energy Star page at

Think of it this way: save some money and our environment all at the same time. It’s a win/win!

September Savings: Labor Day Deals & More!

Labor Day is upon us, which unofficially signals the end of Summer. So, that’s it. It’s over. I know, it’s tough to hear however, the good news is that as the weather cools down, the deals are just getting hotter!  AJ Madison is offering some incredible deals this Labor Day holiday and beyond. Not only are we offering some super savings this Labor Day weekend but, there are also some great deals that run for the whole month of September. If you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get that high-end appliance you have been eyeing, now is the time to act! Offers expire soon so don’t delay!!!

Save up to $1000 on GE Cafe

If you’ve been researching new appliances, then you likley know how amazing GE’s Cafe line is. When creating this line, GE combined designer styling with superior functionality to create the perfect marriage for those that love to cook. Featuring GE’s most advanced cooking technology, decerning chefs need look no further for the ultimate in residential cooking. This Labor day weekend, GE and AJ Madison are offering up to $1000 in savings on select GE Cafe kitchen packages by  combining exclusive rebates. Offer ends September 5th so don’t be late! For details, visit the GE Cafe page at

Save $500 on the Smeg FAB Fridge

If you’re looking for extraordinary retr0-styled appliances, Smeg is the brand. With their FAB line, Smeg has brought back the simple, mid-century design of the 1950’s and blended it with all the modern features we expect from 21st century technology. It’s the best of both worlds and Smeg has pulled it off brilliantly. Available in 10 different colors, ranging from retro mint green to classic creme, there are options for every home. You can now save $500 off this ‘FAB’ulous piece through September 6th! Act now, before it’s too late!!! For details, visit the Smeg FAB page at

Save up to 30% on Bosch

Bosch has often been synonomous with high-end, premium appliances. However, high-end price points can often mean that these great pieces are out of reach for most budget sensitive shoppers. Bearing that in mind, you can now save a whopping 30% off new Bosch kitchen packages with this limited time offer! Just combine instant and mail-in rebates for maximum savings!  Take advantage now, before it’s too late!!! Offer ends September 6th.  For details, visit the Bosch page at

Save $500 + Free Delivery on Electrolux

Electrolux has a rich history of developing ground breaking products that have helped us tremendously in our day to day lives for decades. In recent years, they have introduced countless innovations that are making us rethink how we interact with appliances. As of this week, the folks at Electrolux are now offering some great rebates that could save you as much $500! As with most great opportunities, it won’t last long so act now and save big!!! Offer ends September 12th. For details, visit the Electrolux page at Did I mention free shipping?!?! That’s right… FREE!

Save up to 20% on Frigidaire Professional

You’ll love the look and feel of the new, high-performing Frigidaire Professional appliances. Not only do they offer a host of clever features and professional styling, but they are truly built to last. Save  as much as 20% on select models by combining instant rebates with mail-in rebates! 20% can often me the difference between getting that extra piece or not, so shop now while the opportunity lasts!!! Offer ends September 5th. For details, visit the Frigidaire page at

Save up to $1750 + Free Delivery on Viking

When people think of Viking, the bold, commercial look of the Professional Series range is the image that most likely pops into their heads. Ultra-premium features and an array of sizes and finishes make it the perfect fit for any kitchen. For those who want professional performance without the professional look, there is the Designer Series. Clean lines and contours meld gracefully into cabinets with style, offering a striking new look for Viking. Fully equipped with outstanding features and power, this complete line of built-in products doesn’t sacrifice any of the world-renowned Viking performance for fashion’s sake. Now for a limited time, you can save up to $1750 on select Viking appliances from either line! Add in the bonus of free shipping and we’re talking trmendous savings!!! Offer ends September 30th. For details, visit the Viking page at

Save up to $500 on GE Profile

GE Profile has long been regarded as a top tier brand in the appliance world. Offering a sophisticated, contemporary design and innovative technology, it’s a simple choice for those looking for a high-value appliance suite in their kitchen. Good through October 2nd, GE is offering as much as $500 in rebates. For details, visit the GE Profile page at

Maytag 10 Year Warranty Adds Peace Of Mind

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new appliance, you already know the apprehension that comes with making your decision. With any great decision comes risk, no matter how pragmatic your process. Luckily, there are numerous opportunities out there to help reduce the risk… and the stress as well!

Choosing a great brand always helps. Without any prior research, the best thing one can do is to choose a trusted, dependable brand with a history of delivering quality products and timely service. The problem is that many of the major brands fall into this category, so how do you narrow it down?

Look for other factors that provide peace of mind. Information is paramount to the buying process, especially when it comes to high ticket, durable items like appliances. This is why we here at AJ Madison dedicate such immense time and resources into providing our customers with as much detailed product information as possible. Often times we must dissect the complex minutia and convert it to simple, easy to understand language designed to help our customers make educated decisions. This not only includes basic product specifications, but also informational buying guides, product comparisons and even reviews. With that in mind, use the information at your disposal. It’s usually free and can make all the difference in the end. After all, the appliance you select has to work within your lifestyle so only you can decide which is the ideal match.

There is nothing like a gaurantee. Many of the leading brands provide warrantees on their products and parts. It has often been said that nothing is more reassuring than a gaurantee. As you shop, note which brands warranty their products and which do not. You can easily narrow down your decision by culling out those that do not.

Maytag… What’s Inside Matters. A prime example of a worthwhile guarantee is that from Maytag. Maytag offers a 10 year limited warrantee on many of their products and parts in every category. Their approach is both endearing and gratifying, as it builds upon Maytag’s “What’s Inside Matters” campaign, promsing reliability and quality workmanship. You may recall those old ads featuring an idle Maytag repairman looking oh-so bored with his absence of work. With a 100 years of history, Maytag has built a tradition of dependability, which they proudly back with a 10 year warranty. As seen below, this tradition has cleverly translated to their marketing as well. Luckily for you, they deliver on their promise.

Visit Maytag’s warranty page to learn more about their promise and how it can help you make the right choice for your family.

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