College Cooking: Must-Have’s For The Dorm

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It’s that time of year again… Back to School! As the summer winds down, parents are getting a much needed break but for many there is still the back-to-school shopping craze to contend with. Usually relegated to just pens and notebooks, shopping lists are getting more and more complex these days and technology seems to be the key. No, I’m not talking about e-books, flashdrives and laptops. Instead, I’m referring to compact appliances!

Calling All College-Bound Students!

August kicks off orientation season for inbound college freshman and what better way to get acclimated than to bring the comforts of home to your new college dorm? With a few simple compact pieces and some creativity you can increase your culinary options well beyond Ramen soup and instant mac & cheese.


No dorm is complete without a mini-fridge to keep all those (ahem) sodas cold. Luckily, we’ve got refrigerators in all shapes, sizes and price points. From well-known, high-end favorites to budget friendly alternatives, AJ Madison has it all online and ships direct to your dorm! See our selection for a complete offering of compact refrigerators.

Microwave Ovens

With most universities prohibiting hotplates, grills and sandwich presses, the  microwave has become a must-have item for the college dorm. Our favorite is Whirpool’s stylish WMC20005Y model. It’s unique, rounded back is perfect for corners and tight spaces. Plus, it’s retro TV look is really cool!

Standard models are typically the go-to choice for most students but consider convection options to broaden the scope of your more epicurial pursuits. Microwaves with built-in convection ovens offer 2 distinct cooking options to best suite your neends. Not only do you get the speed of a microwave but you can also opt for the unique browning capibilites available only with convection ovens.  See our selection for a complete offering of microwave ovens.


You may also want to consider all-in-one options, like Summit’s Micro-fridge. It’s a  mini fridge with a microwave mounted right on top. The key benefit here is that it only requires one power plug for two appliances, a real value when electrical outlets are scarce. Plus, some models even have a lock so that you can keep your new roomatesfrom stealing your food!

Coffee Machines

Late night cram sessions would not exist without coffee, right? With the recent popularity of gourmet coffee options, it’s no wonder the old maintstay Mr. Coffee is not as ubiquitous as ‘he’ once was. These days, students are looking for espressos, cappucinos and lattes to give them there caffiene kick. With that in mind, consider high-end gourmet coffee systems from trusted brands like Bosch. Considering it may be beyond some budgets, think of it as a potential reward for making Dean’s List this first Fall semester. Yes parents, you’re still dangling carrots to incentivize your kids but, at least they can use this one all 4 years and beyond!

Get It For Le$$

AJ Madison has always provided great products coupled with outstanding service and all at competetive prices. Find out how you who can save more off our already-low prices by visiting the AJ Madison Rebate Center.

As you can tell, the days of the George Foreman Grill are well over! Dorm room “kitchens” are becoming more and more sophisticated every year so why not outfit your budding young professional with all the gear they need to prepare quality, nutrition-rich meals every day? Think of it this way, not only are you fighting of the freshman fifteen but your giving them the tools necessary to be healthy, energetic scholars!

Complete Your Kitchen

For a fully equipped dorm kitchen, also consider toasters or toaster ovens, electric kettles, electric skillets and electric grills. Unfortunately, these products are not available through AJ Madison as we tend to focus on larger, more durable kitchen appliances. However, you can find numerous models online or ask your local dealer.

For more college kitchen essentials, visit Campus Life 101.

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