Buy Green, Save Green! High Efficiency Appliance Rebates

As of just recently, there are numerous rebates available for purchasing highly energy efficient appliances. Subisidized by state governments, these rebates are fantastic incentives to start thinking green when it comes to your home appliances. Not only will you save energy and our enviromment but you can save some cash as well!

In New York, our program is sponsored by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority). The NYS program is pretty simple: purchase a new CEE Tier 2 or 3 refrigerator or clothes washer and receive a rebate of up to $350. After you make your purchase, just fill out the application and submit your receipt. For complete details visit the Buy Green, Save Green website. Demand is high for these rebates and resources are tight so make sure you act swiftly if you want to take advantage before it’s too late.

For those of you who already bought and applied for your rebate, but want to return, exchange or cancel your order please note the follow information from NYSERDA:

If you purchased an eligible BGSG refrigerator or clothes washer and then canceled the purchase or returned the product for a refund, it is essential that you also turn in the original purchase receipt. Without the purchase receipt you will not be eligible for the full return.

Consumers in other states should check with their local and state government agencies to see if there are similar programs in your area.

Even if there are no monetary incentives available for purchasing energy efficient appliances, it’s still important to consider them for your next appliance purchase. Of course it’s a great move for those that are energy and environentally conscious. But more importantly, lower energy usage equates to lower energy costs, which means it’s ideal for those that are budget conscious as well. To research qualifying energy efficient appliances visit our Energy Star page at

Think of it this way: save some money and our environment all at the same time. It’s a win/win!

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